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Jili Games is a brand that’s highly popular amongst many casino players in the Asia Pacific region including in Bangladesh. For a game developer to enjoy the popularity that Jili Games enjoy, it simply means that there are a whole host of top-quality casino games that it has crafted that endear themselves with multitudes of players. This is certainly true when it comes to Jili Games.

Having set up shop in 2020, Jili Games with each day has grown in leaps and bounds. Starting primarily as an online slots’ developer, Jili Games now also designs a whole lot of other casino games ranging from arcade games, table and card games as well as fishing games. Each game that comes from this stable is an upgrade from the last released game in terms of graphics, gamification, math model and overall impressiveness of the gameplay experience. Owing to this, players are guaranteed the very best with each game that’s designed and released by Jili Games.

While the Jili Games portfolio is filled to the brim with top quality, highly immersive and enterprising games, there are those games that have managed to hook a huge proportion of players and as such, have become fan favourites. In this guide, we are going to expose and explore 10 such fan favourites which all players must try in 2023.

1. Boxing King

There are a few games on the global stage that rival the aesthetics brilliance of Boxing King. Its stunning and immersive graphics allow players to feel like a part of the 1000+ spectators inside a boxing arena who are about to witness an epic boxing match. Well, talking about the boxing arena and spectators brings us to the game theme. This online slot comes with a boxing theme. Only boxing-related symbols appear on the reels while all the featured bonus features are related to boxing aspects.

Moving over to the game stats, Boxing King has one of the highest RTP among online slots. When talking about the highest RTP slots, we are not just talking about Jili-powered games only but rather, among all online slots ever produced! The RTP stands at a highly impressive 97.64%. Players thus are guaranteed great returns when playing the game. The slot’s volatility is high and the highest that players can win is 2000x the bet on each spin. 

2. Chin Shi Huang

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Oriental-themed slots which are highly sought after among all Jili-powered games. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that most Jili Games are enjoyed at Asian-facing online casinos. One such highly popular Oriental-themed slot is Chin Shi Huang. The game teleports players back to Ancient China where they get to mix and mingle with royalty.

One of the biggest attributes of this slot machine is that it comes with a ridiculously high theoretical return to player percentage pegged at 97.23%. the volatility lies in the middle range hence players can expect a good balance between the payouts they stand to win as well as the frequency with which winning combinations appear. The highest that players can win in one go is 2000x the bet.

3. Charge Buffalo

When players choose to play the Charge Buffalo game, they find themselves in North America. No, you won’t be seeing the glamourous Las Vegas buildings or the like but rather, you will find yourself in the American outback. Here, you get to come up close with all sorts of indigenous American creatures which include the buffalo. Just spotting three or more of these on the same active pay line will help you scoop some massive payouts.

With each spin you take playing this game, you stand a chance of winning up to 4000x the bet. How often can you scoop the massive payouts during the gaming session? Well, as the volatility is pegged at very high, you may go for several spins without landing a winning combination but once it emerges, then you are in for a massive win. The RTP is pegged at a high of 97.35%.

4. Crazy777

Despite the emergence of different kind of slot themes, the classic fruit theme still is a fan favourite of many. Relieve the glorious old days of classic mechanical slot machines when you initiate a gaming session playing the Crazy777 slot. Some juicy and fruitilicious wins are guaranteed to come your way once the reels start spinning.

When playing Crazy777, the likelihood of having a fruitless gaming session is next to zero. Why do we say this/ Well, this is simply necessitated by the fact that the game’s theoretical return to player percentage stands at a highly impressive 99%. The volatility lies in the medium range while the max payout is pegged at 3333x the bet.

5. Money Coming

Money Coming is an online slot machine whose title simply states what players stand to benefit as soon as they initiate a gaming session. Initiate a gaming session playing the Money Coming slot as some money will definitely come your way. The money comes once you match at least three identical symbols on an active pay line on the same spin.

The money that comes your way when playing Money Coming isn’t just small change. Rather, it’s quite substantial stacks of cash. Nothing demonstrates this better than the mere fact that the max payout is pegged at 10,000 the bet. This game is quite simple as it’s a low-volatility game. its RTP is pegged at a maximum of 98.22%.

6. Shanghai Beauty

Eager to fill your eyes with great beauty? If yes, then the best way is to visit places where gorgeous women can be found under one roof. Does this mean visiting a beauty spa? Well, according to Jili Games, you need not take long and often expensive trips to the spa. You can simply play the Oriental-themed Shanghai Beauty slot as the game exposes all sorts of gorgeous Asian ladies.

To ensure that you conveniently appreciate the stunning beauty of all the lady symbols featured in the game, Jili Games opted for a huge reel grid when designing the game. the action in this slot unravels on an 8 x 5-reel grid. The volatility lies in the medium range while the RTP is pegged at 97.12% and the max payout at 1000x the bet.

7. Lucky Coming

Our list includes a game titled Money Coming and in our game guide, we stated that this game guarantees handsome payouts to all those who try it out. well, players can also enjoy a similarly titled game by the name Lucky Coming. This game allows players to meet Asian gods. Those who are quick in developing rapport with the gods can expect to receive massive good luck and fortune blessings. At the same time, they also draw upon themselves loads of luck to win during their gaming sessions.

The major highlight when playing Lucky Coming is that it features a lucky wild. This wild when it lands on the reels can transform into a multiplier. When it transforms, it will adopt a random multiplier value ranging from 3x, 5x or 9x. As such, this means all winning combinations in which the wild features are guaranteed to see the payout significantly enhanced before its paid.

8. Jungle King

Do you have what it takes to enter into a thick evergreen forest? What if we tell you that in this forest lives the mighty King Kong? If you still dare to enter the forest, then you can demonstrate your bravery by playing the Jungle King slot machine. For your bravery, you will be massively rewarded once you identify and match three or more creatures on the same spin.

Players ought to note that this slot machine was inspired by the popular movie King Kong. As such, fans of the movie will find the game to be highly irresistible. The incorporated background graphics are just immersive such that you feel like you have just entered a real forest. The game’s volatility is low thus meaning even beginner players are free to give the game a try without much to worry about in terms of game complexity. The RTP is pegged at 98.22% while the max payout stands at 10 000x the bet.

9. Super Ace

Well, when it comes to the Super Ace slot machine, you don’t just have to take our word that it’s one of the 10 most popular Jili Games of all time. This innovatively designed poker slot won the prestigious ‘most popular slot machine’ accolade in 2021. Of course, it’s the fusion of poker and online slot elements that played a critical role in popularising the game.

To ensure that the game is accommodative to all players including penny players, Jili Games gave this slot a low volatility. The RTP is pegged at 98.22% while the max payout is 10 000x the bet.

10. RomaX

Ancient civilisation slots have their fair share of takers. It’s no surprise therefore that an ancient civilisation slot features as one of the most popular Jili Games to try out in 2023. RomaX is a game inspired by ancient Rome warfare and as such, it appeals also to those who love war/strategy-themed games.

The game comes with low volatility, its RTP is pegged at 98.22% and the max payout is pegged at 10 000x the bet.

For 2023, players will find much joy in playing the above-listed games. All these games come with great attributes ranging from the employed graphics, and background sound effects to enterprising math models.