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JILI Games provides many popular casino games for many online casinos, and you can also find this brand in some famous casinos in the world.

JILI Games Bangladesh

JILI Overview

Thinking of playing high-quality, aesthetically appealing, highly advanced and highly lucrative casino games? The software developer that guarantees all this is JILI Games, Asia’s leading game developer. JILI is one of the few omnipresent software developers at all the top online casinos in Bangladesh. Such is the influence of this game developer that at least one in every 10 online slots players find inside any Bangladesh online casino will be a JILI product.

JILI doesn’t just focus on quantity when designing casino games. The software developer knows that the trick to attracting and wooing casino players is to give them quality products. As such, every game that comes from this stable will feature a whole host of top features and handy tools. These all guarantee the very best in terms of the gameplay experience and – wait for it – lucrative payouts and profits! 


Brief Background

The surprising thing about JILI considering its influence on the Asian igaming scene as well as the sheer high number of games that it has developed is the fact that it was founded as recently as 2020. This, therefore, means in just a short time span, it managed to develop a whole host of top-quality games while at the same time establishing cordial working relations with dozens of reputable online gambling platforms.

At its inception, JILI primarily focused on serving the Asian igaming market. Well, it’s safe to say that it has been successful on this front as its games can be found at top casinos in most Asian countries including Bangladesh. Its success in the Asian market has resulted in the desire to spread the JILI tentacles to other parts of the world in the process, becoming a global gaming giant. Considering that JILI’s mission is to “be an entertainment global leader,” it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before JILI rivals all the leading software developers in the world. 

Top Features of JILI Games

One thing that has managed to enable JILI to quickly cement its mark on the Asian gaming scene despite opening shop just a few years back are the handy tools and features that JILI games come with. The features incorporated in the games help serve many purposes all of which endear JILI’s games to multitudes of players. Below, we highlight the major features of JILI games as well as their intended purposes.

·         Multilingual Games: The very first thing we want to highlight is that JILI games are multilingual. This, therefore, means players can access them in the language that they are most comfortable with. The good news for Bangladesh players is that they can access the games in Bengali

·         Demo and Real Money Playing Modes: All the JILI games are accessible in two playing modes that is the demo and real money modes. The former allows players to play the games for free without wagering their own cash. This is quite beneficial as players can get accustomed to playing rules and winning strategy without risking their cash. Once players grasp the rules, they can then proceed to play in the real money mode where all winnings are redeemable in cold hard cash

·         Mobile Friendly: In developing its games, JILI uses Flash and HTML;5 technology. Thanks to this, at all times, players are free to access games on mobile. Whether one uses an Android device or an iOS device, one can still access the games on the go.

·         Leader board: All JILI games encourage competitiveness. Most casino players love competitive games and when they start playing JILI games, they can demonstrate their gaming prowess by collecting points for accomplishing certain tasks during gameplay. Thanks to this, players can have something to brag about among fellow gamers

·         Daily Missions: All JILI games come with auto-setting customised missions. Players can therefore set their own goals that they want to achieve during their gaming sessions and proceed to play and attempt to meet them

·         Rebates: As an extra piece of motivation during gameplay, players playing JILI games stand a chance of scooping some handsome monetary rewards for meeting and accomplishing certain tasks during their gaming adventures

·         Sign-In Rewards: These are auto-gift prizes awarded to target players to cultivate playing habits and increase retention

Treasure Box: Allows players to randomly win some lucrative rewards for simply playing JILI 

Top Games In Bangladesh

Top JILI Games

The games that JILI develops are categorised into three portfolios depending on how they are played. The three portfolios together with the most popular games in each of them are exposed below:

·         Arcade and Fishing: In the arcade and fishing games, players find all sorts of traditional arcade games as well as highly immersive underwater games. When it comes to underwater fishing games, players have the choice to go for fish shooting games or fish hunting games. The more fish that players shoot/catch, the more they win. At the same time, the bigger the catch, the bigger the payout.


The games that players find in this portfolio include: Jackpot Fishing, Mega Fishing, Happy Fishing, Dinosaur Tycoon, Crazy Hunter, Bombing Fishing, Royal Fishing, All-Star Fishing, Boom Legend, Secret Treasure, Dragon Treasure, Dragon Fortune


·         Slots: The biggest game portfolio at JILI is the slots portfolio. This isn’t surprising at all as the main mission for the game developer at its inception was designing slot games. The developer designs all sorts of themed games. From oriental-themed slots that pay tribute to the beauty and cultures of the Asian continent to sports, nature, the wild west, Africa, ancient civilisation and gem and jewels-themed games. Even more impressive is that players can find both classic and modern video slots. When it comes to the latter, there is even the choice to go for progressives that is, online slots which comes with highly lucrative jackpots.


Some of the top online slots that have been developed by JILI include Samba, World Cup, Bonus Hunter, Crazy Pusher, Bone Fortune, Medusa, Book of Gold, Happy Taxi, Thor X, Super Ace, Golden Empire, Fortune Gems, Money Coming, Boxing King, Crazy 777, Ali Baba, Feng Shen, Gold Rush, JILI Cai Shen, Golden Bank, Chin Shi Huang, Lucky Goldbricks, Fortune Tree


·         Table and Cards: Those who have a thing for playing skill-based games can do so when they venture inside the table and cards portfolio. Here, players can find all sorts of games that require a bit of skill in order for players to excel. 


Top table and cards games developed by JILI include Calaca Bingo, Go Goal Bingo, Win Drop, Color Game, Jackpot Bingo, 7up7down, Super Bingo, Ludo Quick, Lucky Bingo, TeenPatti 20-20, Callbreak Quick, TeenPatti Joker, Baccarat, Bingo Carnaval, Sic Bo, Number King, Poker King, Big Small, Teen Patti, Rummy, Andar Bahar, AK 47. 

Best JILI Online Casinos

Now that you are aware of what JILI offers, its no doubt that all you need at this moment is to try out one or more JILI games. Well, the good news is that there are a lot of online casinos that you can visit and are guaranteed to find JILI games. However, there isn’t any better platform to settle at other than at https://www.krikyabdt.com. Wondering why this is the case. Well, the answer is very simple.

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JILI at the present moment designs arcade and fishing games, online slots as well as table and card games.

Yes, there are several progressive jackpot JILI games which include Fried Golden Flower.

The best place to access and play JILI games in Bangladesh is at Krikyabdt Casino.

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